-Guests will be admitted only when accompanied and checked in at the front gate by a member in good standing and upon payment of proper guest fees. Each guest must provide the receptionist with their full name, and ID if requested. Member must be present upon guests' arrival.

-Members shall be held responsible for the conduct of their guests and for any charges incurred or damages caused by them.

-Guest privileges shall be restricted or withdrawn at any time if Management feels the best interest of the club so requires.

-Guests will be permitted the use of a beach chair for the day, when available. Chairs will be provided and set up upon the guest's arrival. Guest parking and guest umbrella rentals, when available, are at an additional cost per day. Mondays and Wednesdays are free guests days. One free guest is allowed per adult member present, one free teen guest per teen member present, and one free child guest per child member present. Member must be present.

-The same guest will be admitted a maximum of four times per season, including visits on
free guest days. 

-On evenings when the restaurant is open to the public, if they are patronizing the restaurant, guests may enter after 6:00 p.m. without incurring guest fees, but must remain in the restaurant area; they are not permitted at members' cabanas or in any other part of the club.

-Guests may not enter after the club's official closing time except to proceed to and remain  in the restaurant area. If members wish to entertain guests at their cabana, these guests must enter before closing time, be checked in at reception, and pay the relevant guest fees.